Make A Summertime Wreath

Does your home’s entrance need a dose of summer?  A new wreath on your front door is a simple way to celebrate the season.  With the weather heating up in Central Florida, I wanted something light and airy to welcome my friends and family.  This post will teach you how to make a fresh and inviting summertime wreath.

To get started, gather all of your supplies together.

Summertime Wreath Making Supplies:

  • 24-inch grapevine wreath
  • Greenery
  • Flowers
  • Florist wire
  • Monogram Letter painted your choice of color
  • Burlap Ribbon


I  shopped at Hobby Lobby for most of my supplies.  Hobby Lobby has so much to choose from and usually runs plenty of sales and of course, their weekly coupon.  I chose the Double Ruffle Garland in yellow and the Green Baby’s Breath Garland.  The baby’s breath gives it the airy look I was going for. Both came in 6-foot size garlands which are perfect for making one wreath.  Our home has double doors so I had to make two wreaths.  See below where I’ve cut apart some of the garlands to make the greenery and flowers go further.


So first I tucked small pieces of the baby’s breath around the wreath.  My front door gets a lot of traffic so I made sure the greenery would stay by attaching key pieces with the florist wire.  The 26 gauge wire is my favorite and easy to work with.  I just attach it to the greenery and twist, then tuck it through to the middle of the wreath.

Next, I added the yellow flowers by placing them in bunches and securing them with wire. The picture below shows my first try at the wreath where I only covered half.  You can see at the end of the post how this version turned out.  But I decided to go ahead and cover the entire wreath for the finished product.

I then attached the letter using the florist wire.  Sometimes hot glue works okay for this, but the letters can sometimes be heavy.  This particular one still had the staples from the label left on it.  I was able to thread the wire through the staples and then tuck the wire through the wreath to the back and secure.

The last step is to make and attach your bow, just over the letter. (My mom taught me years ago how to make bows and so I’ve always used her method.  I hope to make a video tutorial to show you how, soon.) Wired ribbon is my preferred choice for all my wreaths and crafts.  I chose a basic 2-inch burlap ribbon for this wreath.  But if you’re looking for a burlap-type with some pizzazz, this ribbon has gold thread subtly woven in.

And here is the end result–the C’s and the bows are a little off but overall, I like it!!

And this is the first wreath I put together, then changed.  I like it too!  I’m pretty sure my mom talked me out of it–said it showed too much of the brown grapevine. 😕   Which one do you like?  Do you have any questions on making the wreath?  Let me know in the comments below.


Lisa  🙂


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