Make A Coffee Cart for Your Bedroom

Make A Coffee Cart for your Bedroom

Are you like me and need that first cup of coffee in the morning to really get going? I have to admit that I’ve never really been a morning person. So enjoying a steaming cup of coffee (with tons of creamer!) in my favorite mug is usually all it takes to get me up and running. Even better is not having to go too far to make that coffee –it’s right in our bedroom!

Our new home is laid out in typical Florida-style. The bedrooms are on each side with the kitchen and all living space in the middle.  The boys’ rooms are right next to the kitchen which is great for them when they want to grab a late-night snack. But not so great in the morning when their noisy parents are getting their breakfast and making coffee.  Having the coffee maker in our room allows the boys to sleep an extra bit in the mornings.

I love this coffee cart because it is so versatile. When we have overnight friends or family staying, it’s perfect.  We just unplug the Keurig and roll it into the guest room.  They can enjoy their morning coffee without having to worry about the rest of the household.

Bedroom Coffee Cart

I purchased the turquoise cart from Ikea.  It was super easy to assemble.  It is sturdy and rolls easily. If you like to shop from Amazon, they have it in black — click here to see.  We have totally switched over to Keurig coffee makers–I hardly remember how to make a regular pot of coffee! The one we have on the coffee cart is the K10 Mini Plus.

Coffee Card extrasCoffee extras

Have you tried Starbucks Vanilla Syrup yet?  It’s yummy and gives your coffee a light, fresh-brewed vanilla taste that isn’t as heavy as creamer.  It also comes in sugar-free.

Starbucks Vanilla Syrup


Coffee extras

I like to keep our cart stocked with plenty of creamers, coffee stirrers, and napkins.  A small stainless trash can is on the bottom shelf to keep it all tidy.


coffee cart

I hope you’re inspired to organize a coffee cart for your bedroom now! You’ll love the convenience it adds!!  Do you already have one? Would love to see your pictures in the comments section!

Lisa    (:


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