Make A Simple Summer Centerpiece

Summer Centerpiece

Want to add a little interest to your kitchen or dining room?  A beautiful table arrangement is sure to brighten up your space.

Here are a couple ideas for a fresh, simple dining or kitchen table centerpiece.

Use A Tray to Create A Centerpiece…

To create a simple table arrangement, I love to start with a large, galvanized tray.  Mine is from Better Homes and Gardens.  The large oval shape holds big and small items in an organized way.  The silvery gray color makes a perfect neutral backdrop for more splashes of color.

First I filled the bottom with greenery.  This is the same greenery I used to make my Summertime Wreaths.  

Next, I added a handful of decorative spheres.  These rattan balls come in beige, tan, and brown and add an earthy texture to your creation.

In order to give the centerpiece a summertime feel, I chose items in blue and turquoise hues– the colors of the ocean and sky.   Don’t be afraid to mix different blue colors together.  I love the navy with turquoise and the light blue.  It’s very calming.

When putting together your centerpiece, look for items in your home that you already love.  My mom gave me the seahorse and the pitcher when we first moved to Florida.   I picked up the blue hydrangea stems from Pier 1 — one of my favorite stores.

And finally, I added this pretty candle holder with a flameless candle. I love monogrammed home decor as it brings a personal touch to your home.

summer centerpiece

summer centerpiece



Try Using Fruit As a Centerpiece…

My go-to centerpiece is a bowl of fruit– usually apples or lemons.  Because fruit is fairly inexpensive (for example – a bag of green apples is usually less than $4), it’s a quick, simple way to create a casual but elegant centerpiece.

lemons and limes centerpiece


fruit centerpiece


Limes in a Bowl

These yummy limes were handpicked from our lime tree right in the backyard!

lime tree

Hope this post inspires you to create a fresh, simple centerpiece for YOUR table!  I would love to hear your go-to table arrangement for your home in the comments below…

Lisa   (:

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