What I Love About Foster Care

What I love about foster care

Why we started…

Our foster care journey started as a way to heal after we had lost our baby girl to Trisomy 18.   Adopting from foster care had been our hope from the beginning.  Many people would ask us why we didn’t just go the traditional adoption route.  Our answer to this was that traditional adoption is very expensive but most importantly we were going into this with a need to help a child.  Because we weren’t able to help our own baby, our hearts and minds still had an unfulfilled need to nurture and take care of an infant.

Foster care has so many children who have been cast out of their homes and taken away from their families.  Those are the ones that needed our family the most.

We went into fostering with the understanding that unification with the family was what the State required and worked toward.  I always told my boys that we would take care of the child in our home like it was ours until the mom (or dad, in one case) got better as was able to have them back. We wanted to adopt from foster care but only if both of the child’s parents had terminated their rights and left them without a mom and dad.

An unexpected turn…

Our journey took an unexpected turn when my husband was offered a new opportunity with his company that would require we move to Florida within just a few months.  Coincidentally, our foster daughter, who we had from birth, had just left us after nine months to go and live with her half sister and her foster parents.

We then needed to focus on selling our house and finding a new one so our plans to foster and possibly adopt would have to be put on the backburner for a while.  Our family has just now been able to get adjusted in our new community (after over a year!) and we still aren’t to the place where we are going to take on foster care yet.

What I love best…

My boys, on several occasions since we’ve been in our new home,  have asked, “Mom, when are we gonna foster again?” As hard as it was letting go, they LOVED it! They were the best big brothers any foster sibling could ever ask for.  And THIS— this right here is what I love best about foster care!

There are so many other things to love about it as well. Our first placement came to us with only flip-flops and no other shoes.   Just knowing we were helping give these kids the necessities they needed was a wonderful feeling.

Our stepping up to foster gave the biological parents time to get better.  All of our foster children came to us because the moms were overcome with drug addiction.  We wrote letters to one of the moms. The letters kept her up to date on the cute things her daughter was doing and learning.  I would send them in her diaper bag when she went on visits.

This mom was determined to get better and, after six months of rehab, she was allowed to have her daughter back.  My husband met her in court the day the judge awarded her custody.  She hugged him and told him how grateful she was for the time that we gave her to heal.

Helping others…

As we cared for those children, our family thought less of us and more of them.  We still had our homeschooling, sports, and music lessons going on, but we lived selflessly during those times.  Our main focus was on those precious little ones.

Opening our home to those less fortunate, helped us realize just how blessed we are.  Our boys learned first hand why drugs are bad–what happens when parents get hooked on drugs. We talked more, and prayed more and grew closer as a family.  We were working together for one great cause!

Are you interested in starting foster care?  I would love to answer any questions you have.  Please leave me a comment below. (:


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